Council 8334
1800 SW State Route 150
Lees Summit, MO 64082
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Holy Spirit Church
Ladies Auxillary
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus is an organization of
dedicated women who are devoted to their faith, families, husbands and
ideas. They are there when it is time to work and time to play.

Our motto is "Helping Knights Help Others". We can be seen in the
background and beside our Knights helping where needed.

Membership guidelines are simple: You need to be a wife, mother, daughter
(18 and older), or a widow of a Knight in good standing. You can also be a
member of the religious community.

Like any organization we have certain obligations that we have to take care
of, such as the Religious Information Bureau assessments; there are different
programs in which we give aid like Special Olympics, Family Life Activities,
Youth Activities and more. You can also pick a charity or cause that you and
your members feel is in need of your special attention, such as, Birth Right,
Vitae Caring Foundation or programs in your community.

There are programs of social concerns such as: Christmas Parties, Breakfast
with Santa, Card Parties, Trivia Night Parties, Progressive Dinners and much

For more information on our Ladies Auxiliary please contact: