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Holy Spirit Church
Knights of Columbus are Catholic gentlemen committed to the
exemplification of charity, unity, fraternity, patriotism, and defense of the
priesthood. The Order is consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The
Order is unequivocal in its loyalty to the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on earth.
It is firmly committed to the protection of human life, from conception to
natural death, and to the preservation and defense of the family.

If you want to join this great organization of Catholic men, it is likely that
there is a local council near you. There you will find brother Knights working
to fulfill the central mission of the Order: striving in charitable works; serving
the Church and unified in following its teachings; supporting brother Knights
in their temporal and spiritual needs; acting for the good of their country;
and giving aid to widows, orphans, the sick and the poor.

Knights of Columbus also offers Life Insurance to members. The Emblem of
the Order dates from the Second Supreme meeting, May 12, 1883, when it
was designed by James T. Mullen, who was then the first Supreme Knight.
A quick glance at the Emblem indicates a shield mounted upon a cross
similar to a Maltese cross, turned sideways. The shield is that associated
with a medieval Knight. The cross of Malta is the representation, in a
traditionally artistic design, of the Cross of Christ through which all graces
of redemption were procured for mankind. This, then, represents the
Catholic spirit of the Order.

Mounted on the shield are three objects: a mace standing vertically, and
crossed behind it, an anchor and a dagger or short sword. The mace is
from Roman days and represents authority, which must exist in any
tightly-bonded and effeciently operating organization. The anchor is the
mariner's symbol for Columbus, patron of the Order, while the short sword
or dagger was the weapon of the Knight when engaged upon an errand of

Thus the shield expresses Catholic Knighthood in organized merciful action,
and with the letters K. of C., it proclaims this specific form of activity. The
red, white, and blue in the background of the shield and the foreground of
the Cross of Malta are the colors of our beloved country. As such, red is
the color of stout-hearted courage, of pulsing activity and a full measure of
devotion. Blue is the symbol of hope, of calm tranquility under God, and of
confidence in the protection of our country, established under God. White is
the symbol of nobility of purpose, of purity of aim, and of crucible-tried
ideals to be carried out.

Faith, Hope and Charity

But there is another symbolism of color in red, white, and blue. This is the
ecclesiastical symbolism in which red becomes the reflection of the drops of
Christ's redemptive blood, shed upon Calvary, and of the Martyr's blood
shed in defense of the faith. Red, then, is the symbol of Faith, of belief in
Christ, in the Redemption, and in the mission of every man to spread the
knowledge and love of...Jesus Christ.

White is the color of the Eucharistic Host, pledge of God's Eucharistic
presence among men, of the infinite love God had for man, and of the
overwhelming affection which the God-man had for each individual. White
then is the symbol of Christ-like Charity.

Blue is the color of Our Lady's mantle, in which she draped her beloved
Son, through Whom salvation came to a sinful world. Blue is then the
symbol of Hope.

Brothers, be thus edified of the meaning of this, the noble Emblem of our
Order. Always wear it with Pride, Dignity, and Honour, and be inspired to
live the virtues it proclaims.

4th Degree Emblem

The Fourth Degree emblem consisting of three overlaid objects representing
the Trinity. The Globe represents God the Father, Creator of Heaven and
Earth. The Crusader's Cross, similar to the cross which knights use to wear
into battle during the Holy Crusades, represents God the Son, Jesus Christ.
The Dove represents the God the Holy Spirit, Paraclete.

The colors, Red, White, and Blue are the colors of the American Flag
representative of the principle of the 4th Degree - Patriotism.

Squires Emblem

The Squires emblem contains the same colors and the Third Degree
Emblem. The Yellow Circle is representative of the organization to which
Columbian Squires belong called a Circle. The words around the circle,
"Esto Dignus" are Latin for "Be Worthy"

The Cross located in the center background is the Maltese Cross and is
symbolic of the fact that Christ should be at the center of our lives.
3rd Degree Emblem
by Brother Chris Winkelmann, Richmond Heights, Mo